Best Sunscreen for Tattoo

Do you know that when your skin is inked, you need to pay special attention to it? so as to prevent it from the sun. The sun is the most dangerous enemy of both the skin and the inks on it. Ultraviolet rays which are often radiated from the sun destroy tattoos, causing them to fade off and appear blur. Although there are other things that often affect tattoos but the sun tops the rank and the is because you just can’t hide yourself from it.

Sunscreen for Tattoo

You might be wondering right now that if the sun is the greatest main cause of tattoo fading, then there is nothing that can be done to help curb or prevent it from harming the skin. Well, you need not to wonder anymore. With the discovery of sunscreens, maintaining your tattoos is nothing to worry about.

Yes, now you know sunscreens are what you need to keep your tattoo attractive but mind you, there are a lot of sunscreens in the market place hence, you need to make thorough research on which is the best for you. Well, to get this, keep reading:

Top 6 Best Sunscreen for Tattoos

If you are craving for the best sunscreen for tattoo, this section will give you a glimpse of our top recommendations.

CannaSmack Ink Guard

This sunscreen contains 30 SPF, meaning it has 97% capability to protect the skin from UV rays. This product comes in form of stick which makes it convenient for you to apply it on the exact spot on the tattooed surface.

CannaSmack Ink Guard as a sunscreen does not only protect the inks drawn on skin from fading, it also helps to keep the skin hydrated. This product also contain some essential vitamins such as A, B, D, and E that are needed the nourishment of the skin. Other components include Omega 6, Omega 3, cannabis oil, etc that also add to the effectiveness of the product.

If you need a sunscreen that is light and silky, then you can should go for CannaSmack Ink Guard.

Loving Naturals Clear Body All Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+

Can you imagine this? With just 4 ounces of ideal protection SPF 30, your skin and any ink on it is free from wrinkling or fading respectively.

The principal ingredient used in the production of Loving Naturals Clear Body is Zinc oxide. This component helps both colored and black tattoos retain their color, smoothen and soften skin.

With an SPF of 30+, ultraviolet rays from the sun are trapped at the surface of the skin. There is no way for them to penetrate into the skin or even disrupt tattooed surfaces.

Coppertone Tattoo Guard Stick SPF 50

This is a multipurpose tattoo that can function both as a healer and as a protector.
It’s healing capability is attributed to the ingredients used during production. Coppertone Tattoo Guard can be applied on newly drawn tattoo surfaces or surfaces whose tattoos have been cleared off.

With an SPF of 50, the protective power of this sunscreen is the best when it comes to protecting the skin from both the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. You don’t need to worry when you are underneath the sun, your tattoo is 98% insured.

Coppertone Tattoo Guard comes in form of stick which makes it great for large tattoos.

The product tops the list because the formula used in manufacturing it are produced by dermatologists.

Australian Gold SPF 50 Tattoo Stick

While you can use any sunscreen that contains all the necessary ingredients required for protecting an inked skin from fading, Australian Gold SPF 50 tattoo stick is another product specially formulated to help you bring this to reality.
This product exists in form of a stick, which is wider than the product mentioned above. In just a single pass, you should be certain of a wider area coverage. IT looks like a deo stick.

Australian Gold SPF 50 tattoo stick offers ultimate fade protection and it’s good for both indoor and outdoor tanning.

Banana Boat Sport Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

This sunscreen is the best for use as it is highly sensitive to parts of skin like eyes, ears, nose, and lips. It contains elements that protects tattoos from UVA and UVB rays.

With a 80 minutes water resistant capacity, you are free to do your regular stuff. Banana Boat Sport Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is a Reef safe sunscreen hence, it does not contain organic compounds such as oxybenzone and octinoxate.

In all, it a great product with a very high sun protection factor and moisturizing capacity.

Ed Hardy SPF 50+ Sunscreen Stick

When someone says a beauty product is small and beautiful, then he or she might be describing the Zupishi Ed Hardy SPF 50+ sunscreen stick.

Though the product is contained in a small jar, you should be rest assured it can last you several summer seasons.

Ed Hardy sunscreen stick gives you the ultimate protection from ultraviolet radiation. What do you expect from a product with 50+ SPF?. You can use it both on the face and body. The ingredients used in the production of this sunscreen cream don’t penetrate the skin: instead they stay on top of the tattoo blocking the sun from causing any damage.

The product is small and handy. It can be carried from one place to another without stress.


If you know you really want to keep your tattoo as clean as possible thereby preventing it from fading or getting blur, then you need a sunscreen.

This tattoo protection product works on any skin colour without altering the skin pigmentation (it does not cause bleaching); instead it helps in maintaining your skin pigment.

I hope the information provided in this article helps you answer the questions on your mind.

If should in case you discover any new sunscreen product, you need to share it with us, you can tell us about it in the comment box below.