Compare Regular Nail Polish & Gel Polish – Pros & Cons of Each

Nail polish has its origins and history dating back to ancient times, since ancient times, women have known how to beautify themselves with the simplest ways and the most primitive ingredients! Today, with the great development of science and technology, many more advanced beauty methods are born. In particular, gel nail polish is an upgraded technology of conventional nail polish methods. So, compare regular nail polish and gel nail polish near me to help you guys find the beauty that suits you best. Because each way has different advantages and limitations, corresponding to the nail characteristics of each person. Now, why don’t we research about gel nail colors polish and regualar nail polish together?

Introduce about Regular Nail Polish and Gel Polish Nail Colors

Compare Regular Nail Polish & Gel Polish

Not only the need to take care of the skin, beautifying the hands and feet is also a method to help improve the beauty of many women. Because choosing a nail style that matches the impressive color will help others not to take their eyes off you. Because of that, today, beautiful nail polish solutions have been born, the most popular of which include gel polish color nails and regular polish color nails.

What is regular nail polish? Advantages and disadvantages!

Regular nail polish is composed of polymers and solvents, when applied to the nails, the color is quite natural, not too thick. Paint is usually dried naturally in the air and after the polymer layer hardens, it can be maintained for about a week or nearly 2 weeks.

These common nail polishes and nail polish methods have the advantage of being extremely quick, simple-easy to do, and very easy to remove. However, it has the disadvantage of drying the nails and the thickness and durability of the nails are not as high as other nail methods.

That’s why, when gel nail polish color was born, many girls and women often compared regular nail polish and gel nail color polish to consider a reasonable beauty method. Limited color retention time and harm to natural nails make many women shy when conducting regular nail polish and the traditional method.

What is gel nail polish? Advantages and disadvantages!

Gel polish is a type of nail paint, which made from Polymer and Monomer, it has a jelly-like appearance because of its high gloss, when applied to nails, manicure gel polish helps create a beautiful effect. Because it is in gel form, this nail polish needs to be dried by a special lamp for gel nails (Led / UV nail lamp) instead of letting it dry naturally. The steps to make gel polish are quite complicated, requiring a lot of preparation and good painting techniques.

The advantage of gel polish is that the color is beautiful, diverse, and has high durability, so it limits the number of times of repainting. However, because it has to be dried with a lamp, it can be harmful to the skin if done continuously and regularly for many days. Moreover, this layer of paint is extremely strong, so it does not peel off into patches but spend a little, affecting the aesthetics. You need to bleach many times with acetone to completely remove this paint. However, with the development of today’s society, a new technology has been added to gel nail polish, which is easy to soak technology – the gel soak off polish product lines still ensure durability and Sticks for a long time on our nails, however it does not interfere with us when we want to clean and remove.

Compare Regular Nail Poldish and Gel Polish

Because there are many different characteristics, some girls are extremely confused when choosing a beauty method. The disadvantage of one method is the advantage of the other method and vice versa. However, when choosing, you also need to consider your nail characteristics to ensure the results you get. Some information comparing regular nail polish and gel color polish below will help you take a closer look.


Both types give you beautiful nails with natural colors and make your hands stand out. You can both perform these two methods at home to save as much money as possible.


However, the early and late birth made a clear difference between regular nail polish and gel polish. According to many women, gel polish is preferred because of its many outstanding advantages, especially in terms of bright, vibrant colors, thickness and durability. However, a few girls are still afraid of gel polish that is difficult to soak off and remove, so they choose regular nail polish to easily change the color, satisfying their passion for beauty.

Final thought

So, the reason why is gel nail polish color so popular all over the world althought it was born later? Each method of manicure has its own advantages, the issue that we want to cover in this article is that gel nail polish has now been greatly improved some kinds of gel with soak off polish to help customers easily remover them to change the color of nails and still ensure the durability as well as nourish the natural nails!